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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Aidan’s going to be okay. He can’t die, clearly. But preview what happens next week with him.
SAM WITWER: He [does] reunite with his friends but at that point, he has to start acclimating to this very different world. As you know, there is this vampire AIDS epidemic happening. Everybody is dying and blood is no longer safe. So how the hell do you exist in that world and who helps you? It’s not like Josh or Sally have any idea how to cope with that. So he wanders off into that world. Also, he’s not equipped with the same tools. The Aidan we know is ridiculously socially adept. If he needs something from you, he knows how to get it. And that’s not the Aidan of this season. The Aidan of this season — he’s spent a year and a half not speaking to people. So that’s the first hurdle — Aidan has to get through is trying to navigate all these problems without any of the tools that he’s relied on in the past.

Let’s talk a bit about the hallucinations in this episode. They were very meaningful, I think.
In general, he’s created for himself a place he’d most like to be — which in the house with his friends — [laughs] and it also sometimes includes Bishop! But I look at those hallucinations as if they’re really happening — and I hope we make this more clear later on in the series — but I don’t think it’s the whole Dexter thing where Dexter is having conversations in his head. I think these things are literally happening. For example, there was a point in the second season where Aidan was having a  conversation with Bishop at these old loading docks and later on your cut to Henry (Kyle Schmid) whose been watching this conversation with this look that’s like, ‘What the hell?! You’ve had a whole conversation with someone who’s not there.’ But the way I look at that is: if you were a sociopath, killer vampire and 260 years old, the walls between fantasy and reality would start breaking down in your head. So I don’t look at Aidan as someone who’s sane by any stretch of the imagination. I think the guy has some major, major problems.


Well, he gets a love interest later this season (named Kat), so we know someone finds those crazy qualities appealing.
Well, how do you know? You don’t know that! But if, indeed, Aidan has a love interest coming up, that’s trouble because his love interests don’t generally have a very long life expectancy — especially if that love interest is someone who is ignorant to these things.

There are more flashbacks to come, as well. Tell me about those.
The flashbacks we do this year are more ambitious than any flashback we’ve ever attempted. We go way further back in his history than we’ve ever gone. We’ll tell a story I knew something about but I just never thought we’d actually attempt it. And we tell that story over four episodes, and we tell it as it relates to what is going on with Aidan in modern day. So it’s a really exciting season for that reason too. You’re not going to see that until later on.

Lastly, Xander Berkeley (Nikita) makes his debut next week. Tell me about him and how he poses a threat.
The question I had after the first season and after the second season is, ‘Wow, these guys are making a lot of enemies. When is that going to come back and bit them in the ass?’ And the answer is Xander Berkeley. He is the father of Connor and Brynn, the two kids that Josh palled around with. And Connor, the male of the two, Aidan shot and killed him after they hunted Aidan through the woods. So [Berkeley] shows up [asking questions] and that’s going to obviously go very badly.


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