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Meaghan, Sally got to enter this world of ghosts where we saw her adapting and learning what this new world was going to become. Now that she’s a re-animated corpse, there’s probably not a lot like her, aside from Stevie (Robert Naylor) and Nick Pat Kiely). Is there going to be someone else who she can work out what she’s become?

Meaghan Rath: You’re absolutely right, there aren’t many re-animated corpses walking around Boston for Sally to seek out.  Sally definitely does start to understand what exactly this deal Josh and Nora made with the witch. It really becomes about trial and error for her, as she sort of pushes her limits to what she can do as a re-animated corpse. She pieces together what she is and what that deal entails?


Does her support group grow outside of Stevie and Nick at all this season?

MR: It doesn’t. You’ll see what happens with Stevie and Nick. A lot of people thought they wake up in Sally’s body and as we saw in episode two this season their coffins had to be dug up by Josh and Nora too.

We were teased that limbo was such a dangerous place but we only got a taste of that in the season premiere, do we get to see any flashbacks as to what that full experience was for her?

MR: We do discuss a little bit of what happened in limbo. What is interesting about the way our writers came up for limbo is that it’s all very personal. We’ve all figured out each what our own individual limbo is. For Nick it’s drowning and staring up at Zoe  (Susanna Fornier) the entire time, over and over. Stevie is hanging from a tree staring at his parents and that doesn’t make sense because that’s not the way he died. Stevie died by taking pills. Limbo is vaguely your worst nightmare. Sally’s limbo is running through it, trying to find the people that she’s wronged. She’s trying to fix the mistakes she’s made. That’s what her limbo is and that’s her cycle is on repeat. It’s really different for everybody.

Because Sally could potentially die again, does limbo become a threat again?

MR: Yeah, it definitely comes up again.


On the flip side, of the three characters, we feel like Sally could logistically separate herself from her supernatural world the most since Josh is tethered to the werewolves with Nora and Aidan is forever tortured as this vampire, will Sally always be fearing she could go back to that supernatural world? Does she ever get to look forward as opposed to looking backward?

MR: She definitely, definitely looks forward. I think she sees this for what it is. It’s completely impossible, and she never, ever in a million years thought she would have this opportunity so she’s going to take advantage of it, go forward and not look back. But as things start to complicate themselves, that threat of going to the supernatural world is a possibility.

What did you think about when they created your corpse when Josh and Nora dug up your remains? Did you have any input on how it looked?

MR: [Laughs] That’s not a replica of my body, that’s a corpse that they had in the special effects department because it didn’t need to look like me because it was completely decomposed. I did get to see it before they put it in. The most disgusting part of that were my hipbones and legs were just, disgusting. What was funny was the day they shot that scene with Josh and Nora digging me up, that was my birthday. Everytime Sammy would open up the coffin and sing, “Haaaappy Birthday to you,” and it was all different levels of disturbing. So that was a good memory.

Did you get to choose your dress?

MR: No I didn’t. [Laughs] It was a strange dress. But they purposely put me in something purple, which was a homage to Season 2, episode 10, “Reaper.”


By taking away the sense of touch the first two seasons had to have established a particular type of approach to executing that character. How does the ability to touch you co-stars this season change that experience in Season 3?

MR: It changes in a huge way. It’s crazy how much as a character how much you appreciate it, and as an actress I really appreciate it having that physcial contact, just because of who these characters are. It’s funny because when I work on something else, of course you can touch people and that’s just how it is. When I’m on Being Human, I appreciate it for the characters, they’ve been friends for so long, and has never been able to touch them or feel what they feel like. Or even know how hot or cold they are physically. It brings it to a new level for the characters.


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