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Everything on the show becomes upended and everyone almost becomes human. Will fans be upset with it?

SW: No, it was fantastic. You want to show to evolve. This is definitely the season of the characters that will allow you to know the characters.

AF: With great pain, comes great humor. But being human does not work out for these characters, if it does work out than the show ends.

Will Aiden go after Mother and be a better friend after Suren’s death?

SW: Yes. Aiden and Suren’s relationship was destructive and he comes out of it being mindful of what he has done to his roommates.

AF: Gong after Mother was something that Aiden initially wanted to do once he went into the ground, but things have changed now that he is out of the grave.

Is there a possibility of Aiden and Sally becoming more than just friends?

SW: Sally and Aiden have been roommates for a while and because of something that happens they interact in an unexpected way. And it is the first time they ever considered it as a possibility and we will see a lot of strange and funny scenes between Aiden and Sally in the third season.

AF: The writers are very careful about the relationships between the characters because you want to be protective of these relationships that the characters have.

We learn that there is a plague killing off vampires, will Aiden have a dilemma with saving the vampires?

SW: This is a huge conflict, because even if you hate a certain group, you do not necessarily want them to be wiped off the face of the earth. Hence his feelings of loyalty are challenged and we see him make decisions that are questionable.

Will Bishop be back like the character came back in the British version?

AF: Mark Pellegrino as Bishop will live on in flashbacks.

SW: I have pressured AF on bringing Mark Pellegrino back, but Anna has exercised restraint because she wants something logical to come of his re-appearance.

Regarding Aiden in the first episode:

SW: Aiden comes out of the grave quickly and is not in the 1st episode that much and he is not like he was last season and he definitely has changed.

AF: The nature of everyone’s humanity is peeled back like an onion and as a result it is a very complicated season.

SW: The things that happen to the characters are very thematically consistent and by the end of the season it is like a freight train as the season builds its momentum.

Nora is officially a regular on the show and her storyline has its own course and it adds to the show.

SW: This is the 1st time he has had a chance to develop a character over the course of 3 years. So, making these discoveries for these characters is very subtle and very challenging because you are working within these established characters. So, when we do flashbacks you see how different Aiden is from the Aiden that you’ve come to know. He’s thankful for it not being so easy, because it has enabled him to grow as an actor.

Regarding the titles of the episodes:

AF: It is a group effort to come up with the titles for the episodes.

Which is more fun, fun and crazy Aiden or the morose one?

SW: Prefers the fun crazy Aiden over the down-trodden and depressed Aiden, but that is because he started out being interested in comedy, but his career has not panned out that way.

Is there an intentional overlap between the U.S. and British versions of Being Human?

SW/AF: No. Everyone tries not to watch it, but at times a character may mirror another.

Amy Aquino will be on the show and will be playing a witch; can you divulge anything more about that?

AF: Amy Aquino is on the show as a witch and she is a lovely person so we lucked out. Her character goes deeper and she is a complicated woman with an interesting past and she is tongue in cheek and no nonsense. Very powerful and brings out a lot of power in sally.

SW: Amy understood from the get go what to do with her character. Amy humanized the character.

How would you describe this season?

SW: This season is a game changer.

AF: This season is a character season and all these characters come to a crossroads and these actors have reached their A-games.

SW: I’d like everyone to think of this season as satisfying.

SW: We have tried to make this show better every year.

AF: We are trying to cover all of our bases.

What was it like to start this season 15 months after the end of last season?

AF: Picking up the show 15 months later after last season was very freeing because there was more room to play with what happened to these characters.

What will happen with the witch digging up Sally?

SW: The witch digs up sally’s body up and there will be consequences for these actions.

How can you describe Aiden once he is out of the grave?

SW: Aiden is no longer the smooth character that you met in season 1 and he is not as socially adept as he has been in past.

SW: Is not convinced that Aiden will have a happy ending, but he does a couple of things that border on being heroic this season. We see why he did what he did last season and the fallout for it. His blood addiction, at times this season, forces him to act like a traumatized war vet trying to get back into society.

AF: Last year was a war for Aiden, so this season he is a PTSD and his view on society is different.

SW: The flashbacks that we do this season are ambitious and work with the storyline. They allow us to explore Aiden’s issues. Let’s look back at the murder of the two girls, Aiden is doing it without thinking and stands there confused and that is because of the training he has done to becoming a vampire killing machine and that does not allow him to turn it off.

Do the showrunner and writers have a 5 year plan for the show?

AF: We do not have 5 year plan, as we are going through the season we have a side board of the other storylines that we would like to show and they are the threads for season 4. We take season by season and live in an optimistic world and take it as it comes.

Do the actors have the ability to submit any input on storylines?

SW: The writers are very generous with taking input form the actors, but the understanding is that we convey their stories on screen but we suggest little things that the writers miss. AF: If it does not make sense or resonate with the actor and therefore we have to change the storyline after discussing with them how it can be something that the actors can connect with.

SW: You have 4 actors that know the show, characters and tone of the show and we are a well of information that the writers can use and this way it is a collaborative ship (environment) that AF steers. AF: Just remember, people die easily on supernatural shows.

SW: That was a threat.

Where is Aiden mentally in the beginning of the season?

SW: The death of Suren, being put in a prison and the lack of connection to his friends, lack of food makes Aiden desperate this season.

Where will these characters meet up in the third season?

AF: The hospital is still very in play and it is a symbolic place of work. It was for penance and as a blood supply.

Regarding Aiden’s addiction:

SW: Aiden has gone the Trainspotting style of dry-out and as a result he does not need that much blood to get by, but if he drinks too much he gets drunk faster.

What about Josh being human and his dynamic with the rest of the group?

SW: Josh is no longer a werewolf and because of that there is tension between him and Aiden.

AF: Josh is more aware of the change and now there is an interesting dynamic because he is trying to maintain his relationship with everyone.

SW: Josh comes in to his own this season. He becomes a man.

AF: There is definitely an emotional journey with Josh.

Would there be a one-off or web series on Aiden’s past?

SW: Regarding the flashbacks, there are 4 episodes that cover one flashback. If you line up all of Aiden’s flashbacks it all makes sense and you see an interesting progression. He would love to do a web series with Mark Pellegrino that centers on Aiden and Bishop would be amazing.

Would Sam like to write for Being Human?

SW: Has written and has something in development, but he does not think he can write for the show because the voice and tone of the show has been set by the writers of the show. He is very hesitant about doing so, but is interested in learning.

What is your favorite thing or episode of this season?

AF: This is a great season because of the roommate cross-overs.

SW: A scene between Aiden and Sally because she sexually harassed him throughout the episode.


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